Sad is for the Lonely

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Good thing I’m neither!

Lezzgo Pharma!



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My hands have never sweated the way they did tonight in a long time.

As I told M tonight, it will be the very first time that we will get to talk talk after some three years.  That must account for something, right?

Nevertheless, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.

To T and J

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A week is never enough to know someone completely. It will never be, but when it (however you may wish to call that emotion that induces tachycardia, insomnia and anorexia among others) strikes you real hard, you know that even eternity will never suffice. I have been very observant, yes, only because I’ve seen its course. I’ve been in one a few months before. The ending was bittersweet. I guess at that time, what bothered me most was that it had to end. I still remember how late I was for my flight because we had a night out before; how I rushed to check-in and to get out again to say good bye; how I couldn’t hug her or say anything to her; how someone somehow pushed me to embrace her with every word that I can never speak; how she cried, and how I held back the tears. See. I am familiar with it.

In that one week and days after, I have grown closer to both of you, and I did not want anybody getting hurt. But as it almost always happens, one or both of you did. So tried my best to be there when needed. Because it really is painful, like a thousand knives stabbing through that mass of muscles that pump blood. I guess all this is to say thank you for the time and the trust. And to remind you both that I will still be here; for good ole stories, to chill or to hang out when any of us is in anybody else’s country.

Seven days will never be enough, and for some of us eternity will never be. But seven days was enough for me to know you somehow. This calls for more days or even weeks when our schedules permit.

One last thing. Regrets? Do not regret anything. At one point, that thing was all you ever wanted. Let time and life do their deeds. It takes getting used to, but this too shall pass.

I know I’ll see you soon enough, but for now, Terima Kasih and 감사합니다!

H’wag ka nang umiyak.

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Labor of Love

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I think it is how they call it. When you do something with all your best without expecting anything in return and with the thought of the receiver’s best interest. I spent more than three quarters of my May working for my orgs. And I will be doing so until July ends.

I do know that I am not a particularly warm person. When people think of me, they see a cold, demanding man. Hospitality is not my specialty. However, I somehow got to positions that require utmost diplomacy, and believe me, I am not a peaceful person. I guess I really did fall for these responsibilities. Almost a year ago everything started with a late essay. That somehow was read by a few and had gotten me into this. And yes. I am thankful. I like planning things for people. Maybe that’s the bossing person in me, the one that dictates where to go, what to eat, when to finish. Nevertheless, I revel in communicating with others, helping plan activities, working with other people. Or maybe I am for the reward after all. I guess the only reward I can ask for is that our delegates enjoy their stay to the fullest. Because it may not seem like it, but every destination, every time slot, has been planned to the teeth. There had been many discussions, meetings and consultations. And for most parts we enjoy the afternoon sessions and nighttime OLMs. The group dynamics is also something quite special.

Tonight I attended this opening program. It did not matter that I had to argue with my mom about going because I was still recovering from flu or that an hour before going I was still nursing fever. I really just wanted to be there. Because together with their hosts, I worked hard practicing diplomacy to get them here. But more than that, I wanted to see the hosts make our organization proud. And they did. It may not matter much, but I was also proud of them. Furthermore, I had such a great time working with the hosts themselves. So yeah. They are good friends from previous exchanges, and we are all working for the growth of our program.

It took me a 16 hours to finish a 2 minute video. Well I’m new, and there were lots of breaks between. And I am willing to skip classes during their stay if no one will be able to accompany them to their destination. The hardships and sleeplessness are wiped when you know that they are having the awesomest time. A thank you is enough.

So maybe it is not really labor of love. I am certain of nothing, but maybe it is just love.

Crazy Korean Coffee on my Floor

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There should be an emoticon here for evil grin.

This summer’s been good. :D

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They say getting there is a trip in itself. By May 30, I will have  the statistics:

International: 46:50, 5 AL

Domestic: 5:00, 2 AL

And countless hours in between. Let’s keep crossing out those flags. Two more trips before the month ends!

(April 7 – May 30) Awesome! Hope you’re having the awesomest time too!